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Your garage is the extension of your home and unfortunately becomes a disarray of clutter and disorganization for all to see. Functional and well designed storage solutions can solve this problem before it has a chance to blossom. Storage cabinets can really add to the overall flow of your space; they free up areas for your family to utilize and grow. There are an abundance of finishes available to choose from to coordinate with the exterior color of your home. Your rakes, shovels and brooms along with those yard tools are always a challenge, but there is a solution to always keep those tools ready for when it is time to use them. If you do not want your neighbors to see your clutter from the street, there are solutions that are available to store above your garage door.


Colors & Finishes

Antique White
London Grey
Caramel Apple
Chocolate Apple
American Black Walnut
Wild Apple
Alabama Cherry
Rustic Alder
Hardrock Maple
Aspen Oak- Matrix
Carbone- Matrix
City Oak- Matrix
Cypress Point- Matrix
Lakeshore Oak- Matrix
Oregon Pine- Matrix
Palissandro- Matrix
Vineyard Oak- Matrix
Ascari- Sable'
Fittipaldi- Sable'
Patrese- Sable'
Lounge Brown- Azimut/Seta
Rialto- Smart
Rovere- Sherwood
Toasted Espresso- Sherwood
Beton- Concreta
Iridio- Idea
Executive- Idea
Grigio- Primo Fiore
Maya Bronze- Primo Fiore
Light Carbon- Yosemite

Options & Accessories

Hanging wire grid
Slat wall with hooks and baskets
Slat wall with hooks & shelves
Slat wall with stroller & toy storage
Slat wall with bike storage
Graphite Steel
Rustic Cedar
Global Pine
Weathered Grey
Brite White
Ball basket
Large Wire Basket
Small Wire Basket
Hook 1
Hook 2
Loop hook


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